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Assmang Managanese - Cato Ridge - KZn, South Africa.
Assmang Diversity Training Programme

Day 1 - Groups 3 & 4.
November 2005, Isithumba Conference Centre

I learnt that we are all the same and we must respect each other.

I enjoyed Arthie’s explanation of the various cultures regarding food.

Most important of all was to converse with different kinds of people.

I recommend this course because in this way all South Africans can understand each other.

I enjoyed learning that basically we all face the same challenges in life irrespective of colour.

I enjoyed the teamwork and life’s lessons. I Learnt Respect, Culture and more about myself.

I enjoyed the interaction with everyone and learning more about them in a fun way.

I learnt the meaning behind diversity and how we can use the knowledge of other cultures etc, to better understand and become friends with our peers.

There is no race, gender, colour of your skin differentiation in this programme.

It is open and relaxed, no finger pointing and no prejudice.

I enjoyed the easy way our very diverse group came together as a team.

I enjoyed getting to know myself a bit better.

I enjoyed getting to work as a team, building team spirit.

Celebrating Humanity helps you to look past your own world and, not to walk about with blinkers, understanding others better.

I enjoyed the opportunity to not only communicate with a huge variation of diverse cultures but also the fact that the course candidates came from a vast variety of walks of life.

Knowing my own learning styles helps me to adjust my approach to people.

I enjoyed listening to other peoples’ opinion and advice.

I learnt that everyone is unique in his or her own way.

I recommend this course because it allows people to express themselves freely and understand each other better.

I learnt to give respect to each person’s culture. “The universe rewards actions not thoughts”.

I enjoyed the manner in which it is run - like a play - highly informal and stress free.

The presenters were a joy.

I recommend this course so that we can all develop a practical understanding of the diverse cultures and acceptance of them. This can play a huge part in one’s success - personal, professional and country basis.

I no longer need to feel reluctant in interacting, conversing or discussing issues with anybody.

It was great to forget about my own personal problems and to know every person at this course also has problems.

There are excellent group interactions, team spirit and a lot to take home and test on wife and children.

I learnt to respect different cultures and how to communicate with different people.

I learn to respect the people I work with.

This programme taught me a lot about how to live with different people.

I sincerely hope that this spirit can be carried over, not only to the workplace but also throughout society.

I recommend the Celebrating Humanity programme because it builds very important bridges necessary for this country to grow as a unified nation.

I enjoyed being a part of the group and taking part in the event. I enjoyed talking to other people, the camaraderie of us together and most of all I had fun.

Day 2 - Groups 3 & 4. November 2005, Isithumba Conference Centre

The participation is very good and stories make you really think of the positive and the future not only for us but our children.

How people see you and what you can do to make people feel wanted, happy and valuable.

I thank you for this opportunity of learning and look forward to taking this knowledge back to my family.

It is important that we make an effort to learn about the diverse nation around us so that we can build a better nation for our children.

I learnt to change my whole overview of different perceptions i.e, to be myself, to be stronger and to respect the views of others.

I enjoyed the openness of discussion.

Understanding the cultures of the different races that make up our nation.

I enjoyed the understanding that all people are different with different cultures but at the end of the day all are human beings without colour.

I learned to understand myself. To understand the mistakes we made in the past. To treat everyone and everybody with respect.

I enjoyed the harmonious interaction within our groups. Learning about other members in the group.

We need more people with your knowledge and belief’s to educate the rest of the world.

I enjoyed the participation of sharing, participation and interactions.

To have consultants like Brian and Arthie who know what they are talking about. It was a good experience indeed.

I recommend the programme because it teaches you respect for others as well as yourself.

I realised how little I know about the various people that make up our country.

The whole day was fantastic. Keep it up. This country has a great future of us being one great nation.

I enjoyed the full and frank inter personal discussions with all the other people on me and them.

The course really helps you understand the way others act and how to work towards better unity.

Brian and Arthie, you are brilliant, talented, good, strong and friendly people.

I recommend the programme because It is a fun way to learn about our diverse cultures in South Africa. It also helps us to appreciate the people we work with.
I learnt that, in order to respect, start by respecting yourself. Treat people the way you want to be treated.

I found many ideas where I can make adjustments in order to better my relationship in the community.

I recommend this programme because it is desperately needed to impact this nation in terms of change that we so desire.

There is nothing that I did not enjoy. This day seemed to pass so quickly. I enjoyed the reinforcement of, we are all equal, and that we just do the things differently.

It is actually easy to see the positive in people, reinforcing this is likely to reduce the negatives.

I enjoyed the commitment of all parties. Everybody shows respect to each other.

It was informative and filled with fun. I enjoyed the way we all enjoyed ourselves.

I’ve learnt that without respect nothing that you say or do will have impact.

Today demonstrated that we can all have fun together as one, not looking out for stupid self esteems but let loose as we should always do.

I enjoyed the interaction shared by all of the candidates through many various topics and activities. And the opportunity to share feelings and thoughts with candidates.

I learnt to understand that whilst we are all different, have various cultures and upbringing, we are all good human beings who deserve to share our lives equally.

This is an excellent mechanism to spread the word that in respect all are equal.

I’ve learnt that all the people are same and they are equal.

I enjoyed the learning techniques, different kinds of people and their personalities.


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Celebrate© Newsletters & Celebrating Humanity© programmes are purely focused on creating a better world for all people.

You are Perfect as you are!

I noticed a lonely and troubled-looking John, at the beginning of a recent Celebrating Humanity FoundationŠ programme - in South Africa.
(A Transformational Teambuilding programme, by Mthimkhulu International, which builds understanding and respect for self and others.)

His sad eyes always seemed to be looking inward and his wizened face carried the sadness and pain of his past. His shoulders slumped and his head hung forward. He looked many years older than his true age.

His self-imposed lonely wanderings took him around the room, as he ineffectually tried to joke and make friends. His colleagues seemed to tolerate him but they showed no true warmth towards John, at all. He looked like a playground loner. Always wanting to be involved, but never quite knowing how. And I knew how he felt - I too had been a loner.

Within minutes of entering the training room, he happily surprised himself, as he began to participate with his team, in the flying and exciting start to the 1st day.

John approached me at the break, “Thank you! This is exactly what I have been looking for all my life. I have never considered myself to be alright. I have been judged and belittled all my life. And I have beaten myself up for every silly mistake that I have ever made. And now you have shown me that I am perfect, as I am. I have never felt so free!”

Over the next 2 days, a shiny-faced and young-looking John often came to me and spoke passionately of his new found freedom. At one stage he said, “I have spent my entire life consulting with psychiatrists. They did nothing for me. And I have never felt this free.” He paused and looked at me, with tears welling in his eyes, “This is what I have been waiting for my entire life!”

He was revelling in his humanness, his perfection and his ability to live in the moment.

One of the main principles of our Celebrating Humanity© programme, is that we are all “perfect as we are.” Another is that “the Universe rewards action and not thought.”

We all bring value, we all are valuable and everyone, in one way or another, adds value to each of us.

When we understand this simple fact of “diversity”, or human uniqueness, we can stop being “right” or “proving someone wrong.” We can simply revel in the fact that we ALL add to each other, and that a difference of opinion is not only good. It is essential!

It was at this point that John realised he was OK. As he celebrated his humanity - he performed as a solid and excellent member, of his very diverse team. His fellow team members sought him out and looked for his input, as he asked for theirs.

As a perfect human being, he no longer has to street-fight for self-recognition, with his colleagues or his family.

What really got the message across to John, was the fact that it was his only his actions that gave him results. Not his past mistakes. Not his moods. Not his emotional disturbances. His actions would be rewarded in a way that he approved, or in a way that he would not enjoy.

As we Celebrated Humanity© with the group, they learned many things, through communication and self assessment.

They began to understand their individual learning styles - and their resultant opportunities to communicate more effectively. They began to understand their personality types and what they could do to get better results. They learnt about each other, their cultures & traditions, their eating habits and their languages and greetings.

They gained skills to handle anger, attitude and how to grow relationships at home and in the workplace.

They discovered that respect is the key to all positive human interactions. They learnt to respect their team mates, their friends, their families and their children. They shed years of judgement, prejudice and racism.

But most of all, as John has told us, they learned to simply love themselves. They are perfect, as they are. And they know that everyone around them has their own human frailties and imperfections. And in so being they too, are perfect. As are you!

And herein lies the key to workplace and family dispute resolution. Let’s start with self respect and respect for others. All inter-personal challenges fade away as we work from within.

Brian V Moore ©
25 February 2006
“At the level of respect, all people are equal.”


John, is a real person and this is a real story - his name has been changed to protect his identity.

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More Testimonials

I thoroughly enjoyed it. I feel diversity is very important within a company.

I think it is very good.
It opens you up so you can communicate with the next person.

It teaches you all about the personality types and you have to respect it as well.

You showed us a lot of diversity and how to respect - you can actually communicate openly with that respect.

A lot of team building has actually starting between us. I feel more apart of the team now.

I feel more confident. Now that I know the people I work with, I can actually communicate respectfully.

The positive part of the course is that if you keep it up you will feel much better.

The interaction and the mix was quite good and knowing more people.

Now that I have spoke to people that I did not know at work, I am feeling a bit different.

It taught me to respect other people and their opinions more. I have got a lot out of it.

Made me understand that although all people are different, deep down inside we are all the same because all that counts is the personality of the person.

Now that I know the differences I now understand how he is and how to live together and he understands me better now.

From what I learnt here, I really enjoyed it. I accept everybody the way they are, not that I am disrespectful, but by his culture and his individuality.

The course has taught us that there is unity in diversity once we learn to respect each others cultures. It’s been a good learning for me.

My biggest learning point was the different cultures. I think that if you understand peoples cultures you tend to understand people more.

I really enjoyed it. It’s given me more confidence and the respect of everybody else.

I really enjoyed it. Now at work you respect other people’s cultures and you know more about them that we didn’t even know.

When I came here on Monday I didn’t know where this taxi was taking me to, but at least I understand now and I am glad. I think the more we understand each other the better.

Diversity Harmony Training
Transformational Team building